Artist’s statement - AV KRŪMIŅŠ

I believe that good art, like good literature, should not always be tied irrevocably to the themes motivating the artist at the time of its creation. Naturally my paintings have a particular meaning for me, but that does not in any way diminish the validity of other interpretations. Each work has its own place in the world, outside of myself.

What I wish most from my art is to cause both an intellectual and visceral response: That it be not just “head art” or “décor art”, but art which also in some way seizes the guts and heart, evoking an emotional reaction.

The body as a subject is unfailingly fascinating: We are, each of us, superbly constructed instruments of expression. When shapes or lines of flesh and bone are put together with the added strength of colours and textures in a two dimensional image, the result can be compelling and universal.

Acrylics are my most favoured medium as they allow for a fantastic range of effects within one piece, giving marvelous scope and freedom! I also use ink, gouache and watercolours.

Andra, standing beside "KOWHAI NUDE"

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